The Guamote market is one of the most important one in Andean region. It is located in the Chimborazo province. The Guamote fair, takes place every Thursday in Riobamba, where you can find products, animals and local crafts. It’s an excellent opportunity to see the best agricultural products of the central Andes.Leer más


The Saquisili market is one of the largest remaining indigenous markets in Ecuador. It is located in the Cotopaxi province, 13 kilometers from Latacunga province. The Saquisili fair, takes place every Thursday, where you can find products, animals and local crafts.Leer más


Zumabgua is a small indigenous town situated 500 meters from Latacunga. It has a large church with woodcarvings made by local artisans. On weekends you will find festivals and fairs which take place on Saturday…

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Pujili has two fairs, a big one on Sundays and another smaller one on Wednesdays. It is situated 15 kilometers from Latacunga. Here you can find a beautiful church and local ceramic works.

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Otavalo is the most famous indigenous market in Ecuador which takes place on Saturdays in Imbabura province. The city is situated between the Imbabura volcano (15.118 feet) and the Cotacachi volcano (16.200 feet)…

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