Health & Beauty Package

This package gives national and International patients the possibility of accessing excellent surgical treatments, aesthetics and specialized medical services, while enjoying a pleasant and memorable stay in Ecuador. Our office is located in one if the world’s most beautiful cities “Quito”, declared World Heritage Site, full of culture, art and history. We offer a unique combination of tourism, health and beauty…


This package gives national and International patients the possibility of accessing excellent surgical treatments, aesthetics and specialized medical services, while enjoying a pleasant and memorable stay in Ecuador. Our office is located in one if the world’s most beautiful cities “Quito”, declared World Heritage Site, full of culture, art and history.

We offer packages for ladies and gentlemen who want changes in their lives. They can travel to our city, get a plastic surgery and are able to do it in total comfort without worrying about details and the organization of their stay, making their stay pleasant and comfortable.

Our goal is beauty and wellbeing of tourists and patients.


10 days /9 nights






Quito – Transfer In
Overnight Quito

5* Hotel



A.M. Medical examination & interview.
P.M. City tour (3hs.)
Overnight Quito

5* Hotel



Hot Springs of Papallacta (full day, 7h)
SPA, hot springs and short walk
Overnight Quito

5* Hotel



Transfer to the Hospital for the realization of the planned surgery
Overnight Hospital




Leaving the hospital, transfer to the hotel. Rest of the day resting. During the late afternoon a hospital nurse will visit you to conduct the post – operative appointment (changing bandages, cleaning wounds, checking health status of the patient)
Overnight Quito

5* Hotel



Guayasamin Museum, Capilla del Hombre Doliente and Central Bank Gold Museum (5h)
Overnight Quito

5* Hotel



Cable car and Middle of the world (5h)
Overnight Quito

5* Hotel



Aesthetic session and folkloric ballet at night
Overnight Quito

5* Hotel



Transfers from/to the hospital to realize the second post operative appointment.
Overnight Quito

5* Hotel



Transfer Out


The itinerary may change the order of visits, depending on patient recovery, weather conditions, booking of the operating room or other events of force majeure.

Type of surgery




11 Days

Mammoplasty (Increase)
Including Implants

7 Days

Mammoplasty (Reduction)

7 Days


7 Days


12 Days

Liposuction (1 Area)

4 Days

Liposuction (3 Areas)

4 Days

Liposuction (4 Areas)

5 Days

Face Lifting

10 Days


5 Days


8 Days

Mentoplasty, Including Implants

5 Days

Filling of Nasiolabial Fold

3 Days

Botox by Area

1 Day

The Package include:

  • Reception and Transfers Airport – Hotel – Airport.
  • Accommodation in a 5* hotel (including breakfast).
  • Room Service according to diet defined by doctors and other specialists
  • All medical services mentioned in the programs. Treatment is personalized according to the characteristics of each client whose health status is determined with medical examination and laboratory tests.
  • Initial exam after the arrival of the tourist, according to these results apply the various types of following procedures or treatments.
  • Hospital Stay: it is recommended that our patients stay at least 1 night under observation at the hospital.
  • Local health and accident insurance
  • Doctors and surgical procedures
  • Honorable plastic surgeons and/or surgeons.
  • Operating room
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Nurse for first post operative check and 1st night an the hotel
  • 2 post-surgical screenings
  • Pre operative laboratory tests and interviews
  • All intra-hospital expenses
  • Beauty center (hair and make up)
  • Bilingual guide (Spanish – English) during the tour program.
  • Private transfers from the hotel to the hospital or clinic during your stay
  • City tour
  • 2 days tours in and around Quito.
  • Visit of a folkloric ballet show
  • Papallacta Tour (Hot Springs) with a relaxing SPA session
  • Center for Aesthetics (hair and make up)
  • Hotel Insurance: covers medical emergencies, air and land ambulance, repatriation, legal issues

The Packages Do Not Include:

  • Departure taxes in the country
  • International Air Tickets (optional if required by the client)
  • Services not specified in the programs, such as specific or special medication, extra drinks, lunches, dinners, gratuities and personal expenses, additional nursing care and everything not specified in the program.

Important Notes To Be Taken Account By The Patient

  • Programs include 2 nights accommodation in 5* hotel before surgery to stabilize the patient at the height of Quito (2800 m). The hotel stay can be extended up to 11 nights, depending on the complexity of the surgery. This will depend on the patient’s recovery.
  • The packages are flexible, you can start every day, but it is recommended to take the high season for surgeries in July, August and December into account when making your reservation.
  • Patients provide information about their health via Internet, using a previously designed form. This filters patients that cannot be operated, or if any special exam is needed. The first day the patient arrives in the country, a personal interview with the designated surgeon; (approx. 1 hour) will take place as well as checks with the anesthesiologist, cardiologist, etc. Afterwards the operation will be schedule after the third day due to the altitude of Quito.
  • The patient will receive complete medical information, timing and insurance information. A schedule determined day bay day, time and activity planned.
  • It is recommended to bring a report from your general physician. Some patients tend to bring their entire medical record, which is appreciated by us.
  • Minimum date of reservation: average 15 days. For the reservation of the operating room, providing the name of the surgeon and his time.
  • The programming of the time resolves around the type of surgery that each patient chooses. This is done together with the patient, using photos and a medical history sheet. The confirmation of which surgery will be done can only be made after the first interview. But before, we need to have checked the availability of the operating room, the time of the surgeon, the anesthesiologist and the adaptation to the altitude of Quito.
  • The time for rest varies with age of the patient and the procedure undertaken. In most cases you are allowed to fly after 10 days, subject to the qualification of special cases. There are procedures (such as liposuction) that require only 3 days of post-operative control.
  • Patients, who arrive to Quito, either get operated immediately or wait until 48 hours pass first. The post operative recuperation can take place in Quito. The height does not affect the majority of the patients.
  • We anticipate that the surgical package includes all pre-operative examinations and interviews all hospital costs, medical surgical fees, anesthesiologist, hospital stay and 2 post operative checkups.
  • We do not offer surgeries to patients who don not meet the minimum safety requirements. This is secured by the initial request form.
  • The program is for patients of age (21 or 18 years depending on theirs state of origin) capable of taking responsibility before the law and the decisions, which meet the health requirements required by us. There are no plans to extend the program to children for the legal implications involved.
  • The specialty of plastic surgery is of means and not of results. There is no warranty given about the results but the quality and certification of professional involved and certification or medical facilities offered.
  • The doctors working in this program are working as specialist for over 20 years.
  • Retouches are secondary surgical in interventions. If they are immediate, such as post-operative hematoma requiring drainage or an eyelid Everto, we do them under our responsibility. Long term retouches are not included. If the patient needs future retouches will have to cover the additional costs.
  • We provide a nurse for out day hospital patients, which will visit the patient during the first night at the hotel. Extra visits are available upon request and will be charged additionally.
  • The diet is individualized for every patient. We give directions and the patient orders his food at the hotel. Lunches and dinners are not included in the package.
  • For each operation there is information consent to be signed by the patient at the first pre-operative visit. For anesthesia, there is another consent; you must also sign for financial responsibility with our company, covering the whole package. Preferably from origin, so the patient arrives to Quito with the basic package already paid. All patients must sing a special consent for diagnostic tests such as special HIV, Hepatitis B and C, drugs and nicotine, among others.
  • Medicines and averages are calculated within the surgical package. Special drugs are not provided and must be paid by patient (e.g. hypertension, diabetes, etc.)
  • We will hire local insurance from the Humana SA for accidents and unforeseen health incidents
  • International Insurance is unlikely to need, as no insurance covers cosmetic surgery.

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