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One of the most important services that Galacruises Expeditions offers is the 24 hour travel support. It means that you will be helped by our agents from your first contact. We will in charge of making your trip a fantastic experience without any problem.

From the moment you arrive on Ecuador we are there to help you with any circumstance.

The excellent service and personal attention of our team as well as our creativity and spirit of innovation will make you feel trustful and secure during your trips. We are proud of being able to offer you the best experiences and itineraries and invite you to share the passion everyone in Galacruises Expedition feels for this great country.

Personal support in Quito – we have a team of professional and dynamic people. Our English and Spanish representatives in Quito are available for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. That means you can get their help at any time, we are ready to assist you with all your need.

Assistance in Quito Airport – for your trips to Galapagos, we have a special support at the airport. One of our representatives will be there to assist you with your tickets, vouchers and luggage. And we will be there until your departure avoiding any complication.

Personal support in Galapagos – we have an office in Galapagos. They will be ready to help you at any case; even if you are not traveling on board of any of our cruises you will be always saved.

You will not be along at any circumstance; we always are taking care of your trip.

Our service starts when you first contact us, and ends when you are safely at home.

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